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2015 SAIR Analysis Published – Slackline Accident and Incident Report


SAIR Analysis 2015 Since the fall of 2014, the International Slackline Association has been gathering information about slackline related incidents and injuries including falls from a slackline, rigging errors, gear malfunction, and near miss incidents. This information has been gathered through the Slackline Accident and Incident Report form on our website (EN, DE, PR, FR language SAIR report forms) and as informal reports through conversation and social media. This information has been collected and analyzed in the International Slackline Association Accident and Incident Report 2015 which can be read in full in .pdf format at this link or by clicking on any of the images below. [...]

2015 SAIR Analysis Published – Slackline Accident and Incident Report2019-12-06T01:40:04+01:00

Update (June 2017): Bolting and Highlining in Norway


We previously posted about highlining, bolting, and bolting ethics in Norway, specifically in the Kjerag region. See that post here: Bolting and Highlining in Norway. On this page, we are expanding on the topic and providing updates as the situation changes. Additionally, information about these lines and access in the area has been added to the SlackMap ( NORWAY HIGHLINING Bolting is illegal in Norway without express permission from the land owner or land manager. No new bolts should be placed in Kjerag while access negotiations are ongoing. Future new lines in the Kjerag area may be possible, but would require [...]

Update (June 2017): Bolting and Highlining in Norway2018-06-15T17:51:38+02:00

Bolting and Highlining in Norway


Norway, Kjeragbolten Norway provides some of the most picturesque landscapes for highlining, and as such, has become a bucket list item for many among the highline community. A recent highlining expedition to Norway, however, has reported stumbling against the local bolting ethic. To provide clarity to the community, we are passing on information from a Norwegian climbing association. These ethics should be adopted for highlining in the country. In general, bolts should not be placed in the mountains but only on sport climbing cliffs Bolts should not be placed on lines which are possible to climb with natural protection [...]

Bolting and Highlining in Norway2017-06-24T19:03:09+02:00

1 km Highline sent in France


On Tuesday, April 19th, 2016, Nathan Paulin (FR) set a new world record with a 1020m highline rigged in France with Danny Menšík (CZ). Rigged on Moonwalk at a height of approximately 600m with 50m of sag, Nathan managed the feat onsight. Danny sent the line on his third attempt. Congrats on a beautiful new record. For more information, see the Red Bull article and the video below. Also, on

1 km Highline sent in France2018-05-14T13:50:14+02:00

Across the Sky – Castleton Highline Record


On November 15th, Théo Sanson (FR) sent a 493m highline in the Utah desert, a project masterminded by Andy Lewis. Check out the video below and part of the story written by Andy which will be published in full this spring by Slackline U.S.  "Hands down this is the scariest, most fear inspiring, inner child murdering, monster of a highline -- I have ever seen. Just walking 1/3 of this highline would break my Personal Record by nearly 40 meters!!~ I'm not sure if it's the 2000' of exposure, the 1600' of line stretching into oblivion, or the fact that I consistently [...]

Across the Sky – Castleton Highline Record2016-01-25T19:46:06+01:00

477m – The sky is the limit


The highline extreme - World Record gathering on the Moléson During the last weekend of September highliners from all over Europe gathered on the Moléson in Switzerland to deliver a great show and try some of the longest highlines ever rigged. The event was organised by Samuel Volery from in collaboration with Claude Gendre from After last year’s success of the event, more highliners turned up and enjoyed a free stay sponsored by the restaurant and the cable car company.   There were four lines rigged from the cable car station ranging from 45 to 150m as well as [...]

477m – The sky is the limit2016-01-18T20:23:51+01:00

Youth in Action – Slacklining in public spaces


Participants discussing various topics related to slacklining in public spaces. Photo: Benj Herren / Julian Huber. From the 22nd to the 28th of August, roughly thirty people from Germany, Austria, the UK and Switzerland gathered in Bern, Switzerland, to join efforts in brainstorming and creating recommendations on how to gain and preserve access to public lands. Philipp Gesing, Thomas Spöttl, Charles Chater and Thomas Buckingham were the leaders of the four delegations. The event was funded by the Swiss branch of a European programme called “Youth in Action” (YIA) or Erasmus. The YIA funding is available to cover the [...]

Youth in Action – Slacklining in public spaces2018-05-14T13:02:15+02:00

ISA Workshops at Urban Highline Festival 2015


July 2015 Urban Highline Festival was held again in Lublin, Poland in July as part of the annual city festival. In it's 7th year, UHF is organized by Jan Galek, Faith Dickey, Jordon Tybon, Piotr Błaszczak and a rotating crew of riggers and offers the unique experience of walking out of the city hall windows and between church spires. With 2-300 highliners attending, we took advantage of the gathering to talk a bit about the International Slackline Association and ask for input from the community. Sonya Iverson and Bradley Duling made a presentation about the development of the ISA thus far and [...]

ISA Workshops at Urban Highline Festival 20152015-08-23T10:52:04+02:00

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