Course and Event Schedule

Past Events 2020

August 16-18 – Rigger Certification – Gadmen, Switzerland

April 3-5 – Rigger Certification – Les Arcs, France (before Winter Festislack) => cancelled

April 24-26 – Rigger Certification – Bismantova => cancelled

Past Events 2019

May 4 – Trainer C Certification Course – Viña Del Mar, Chile

May 11 – Trainer C Certification Course – Temuco, Chile

May 18 – Trainer C Certification Course – Talca, Chile

May 13-19  – Trainer C Certification Course – Kadisha Valley, Lebanon (during Lebanon Highline Adventure Festival)

June 14-16 – Rigger Certification – Leverkusen, Germany

July 11-14 Trainer C Certification Course – Spencer, Indiana, USA (during Breathe Festival) –

August 16-18 – Rigger Certification – Bern, Switzerland

August 21 – Education Commission Meeting – Bern, Switzerland

November 16-18 – Rigger Certification – Moab, Utah, USA (before GGBY Highline Gathering)

November 24 – Trainer C Certification Course – Moab, Utah, USA (during GGBY Highline Gathering)

December 13 – Trainer C Certification Course – Hidalgo, Nuevo León, Mexico (during Potrero Up High)

About Us

The ISA Education Commission is a dedicated group of volunteers who are committed to spreading the wealth of knowledge found within the practice of slacklining. Originally founded in Bern, Switzerland in August 2017 as a working group, and officially established as a commission one year later, the EC has worked tirelessly to develop an international standard of educational methods that have been developed into internationally accredited courses. We offer instructor and rigger training courses and certifications at slackline events and festivals worldwide and presently have several hundred instructors certified around the globe.