As slacklining evolves as a discipline and grows in popularity, the ISA Education Commission aims to explore the depth of knowledge and develop the highest standard of instructor programs and rigging certification within this modern martial art.

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What is the Education Commission?

The Education Commission (EC) is a dedicated group of volunteers who are committed to spreading the wealth of knowledge found within the practice of slacklining.

Originally founded in Bern, Switzerland in August 2017 as a working group, and officially established as a commission one year later, the tireless work of the EC has established an international standard of educational methods that have been developed into internationally accredited courses.

We offer instructor training courses and rigger certifications at slackline events and festivals worldwide, and presently have over 300 instructors certified in 27 countries and over 60 ISA certified riggers.

Want to become a part of the Education Commission?

We are happy to welcome new volunteers to the Education Commission. You will be able to join meetings on our Discord channel, discuss matters and join one of our internal working groups.

We are able to have meetings in English, French, Spanish, or Portuguese.

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