What is an ISA membership?

The ISA is comprised of national federations and clubs, as well as other international non-profit organizations as its members, and not individuals as members. These organizations support the ISA through their membership dues and contributions to the ISA. Individuals within these national federations and clubs indirectly support the ISA but directly benefit from the work of the ISA. ISA member benefits are for national slackline federations and regional/local clubs and it is their role to convey these benefits to their individual members.

Membership Benefits

Exchange with an International Network

  • More than 120 members (federations and clubs)

  • More than 50 experienced officials (elected individual people)

  • Four focused commissions (Education, Safety, Sport and Access and Nature)

  • Dozens of project working groups

  • Internal communication through Discord App and website (www.discordapp.com)

  • Facebook and Whatsapp groups as backup channels

Broad Communication Channels

Worldwide Event, Contest and Course Calendars

Central Repository for Knowledge

Club and Event Support

Publications and Database

Legitimation as an Official Sport

  • International coordination of slacklining

  • International sports development and ranking list

  • Athletes certificates of excellence (yearly rankings)

  • Athletic awards certification for athletes (ranking at contests)

  • Coordination with IOC, GAF, Sportaccord and other international sports federations

  • ISA Membership at UIAA, ICAR and IMTA

ISA Licensed Events with Revenue Generation for Federations or Clubs

  • Instructor courses

  • Rigger certificates

  • Safety, education, sustainability events

  • Contests and championships

Democratic Processes

  • Initiate and help with projects and working groups

  • Appoint people to become officials: boards and commissions of the ISA

  • Send delegates and participate in General Assembly

      • Vote on officials (active members can vote on board members)
      • Vote on budget (active and associate members)

Monetary Rebates for Individual Members

  • Bulk order rebates for slackline products through clubs

  • Bulk order rebates for third party products through clubs

  • Event and course rebates