The EC has been working hard to bring you a variety of educational content. We hope to continue to provide the community with the newest and most essential knowledge available to help make your slacklining experience even better.

The Lockdown Series

The Lockdown Series was an amazing community effort of slackline lifestyle talks produced by the ISA—but made possible due to the wonderful contributions of many devoted slackliners with a wonderful story or idea to share. By slackliners, for slackliners.

Slack at Home

Slack at home—Tools to better prepare you for survival with your slackline during a lockdown.


Our Beginner Tutorial Videos provide the most concise information and help create better understanding, to welcome beginners to this infinite journey and encourage them to develop an amazing relationship with slacklining.

Slackline App is a useful web application builded in collaboration with Swiss Slackline and Turkish Slackline Association.

Fail Fridays

Fail fridays are recurring social media publications that present common incidents in the slacklining world, and promotes best practice.