Worldwide Slackline Calendar

The ISA aims to be inclusive when it comes to event communication. We are open to list all slackline related events that are aimed at an international audience. The calendar allows filtering for Slackline Events or Festivals, Contests and offers of Slackline Education, these can be open ISA Meetings, Instructor Courses, Rigger Certificates, Safety Event and more.

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Please register your Event or Festival by filling out the following form. Contests are listed seperatly in our event calendar, if you organise a contest at an event of longer duration, please fill out both forms. You can decide to just fill out the contest form by itself.

Event Partnerships

Slackline Event Organisers are the cornerstones of our Slackline Community, thank you so much for your work! We made a guide on how to work with the ISA on events, festivals and contests:

Slackline World Ranking List

The Slackline World Ranking List combines hundreds of contests in 6 main competitive disciplines and more than thousand registred slackline athletes.

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Add to personal google calendar

If you use google calendars personally, you can add our calendars to yours in order to stay informed.