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The International Slackline Association was officially founded as a non-profit in August 2015 by a collection of slackliners from around the world who are passionate about the community, sharing resources, and promoting slacklining in all its forms.

The ISA aims to gather all national governing bodies, their regional and local slackline associations and clubs as members.

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We have helped develop dozens of events. They act as a place to meet, connect and become a starting point for formal clubs or organization.

Where such structures don’t exist we help to build them from scratch.

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The International Slackline Association aims to support and develop slackline communities of all sizes by enhancing communication and informational resources. We support the urban-alpine activity of slacklining as well as competitive slackline sports.
We are devoted to increase the safety and active risk minimisation of all forms of slacklining worldwide.


19x Active Members = National Governing Associations/Federations

> 70 Regional and Local Associations/Clubs

> 2000 Individual Members (Slackliners)

View the Members

10x Gear Manufacturers from the Slackline Industry

View Partners

The ISA consists of several hundred volunteers who invest their free time to work for slacklining. Officially, there are 50+ ISA roles and we always welcome new faces!

Become Volunteer

20+ Slackline Events/Contests with ISA presence

Worldwide Calendar

Key Publications are available in 15+ Languages

PDF Publications

50+ People from 15+ countries involved in official ISA roles

  • Executive and Advisory Boards
  • Safety Commission
  • Sport Commission
  • Education Commission
  • Nature and Access Commission
Who is officially involved?

60+ Facebook Pages and Groups for International to Local Communication

20+ Websites for Regional Communication

ISA Commissions

The Commissions are entities that operate freely under the umbrella of the ISA. They focus on key issues related to their foci.


Safety Commission

Creating safety standards for gear, monitoring injuries and arming the community with knowledge related to common accidents.


Certifications, Courses and Ressources

Creating an managing an international education programme, valid anywhere there are slackliners.


Ranking List and World Records

Supporting athletes and contest organizers and managing the slackline world ranking list and world records

Access and Nature

Slackmap and local groups

Tackling issues surrounding access to slackline spots and the environmental impact of slacklining and slackline events.

The ISA is a member of the following organisations:


Contact Info

International Slackline Association
c/o Swiss Alpine-Club SAC
Postfach / Monbijoustrasse 61
3000 Bern 14, Switzerland
[email protected]



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