The International Slackline Association (ISA) recognizes and supports numerous facets of slackline practice. And while we are all excited to be part of a new and emerging activity, we face a small challenge. Slacklining is still not recognised as an official sport, therefore official training facilities are rare and athletes are a minority and lack both support and funding to further evolve. For this reason, the ISA created a Sport Commission (SPC), whose main purpose is to examine, develop and help promote slacklining as a sport.

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What is the Sport Commission?

The Sport Commission, a volunteer based effort like the rest of the ISA, is a body inside the organization that aims to look after the sport-related aspects of slacklining.

The ultimate goal is to bring slacklining into the world of sports on the community’s terms, making sure to keep slacklining’s best interests in mind and enabling the few slackliners who have competitive aspirations to build sustainable careers.

Tasks of the Sport Commission

One of the many tools to professionalise slacklining is creating a history of the many competitions happening around the world with the creation of a Slackline World Ranking List.

This ranking list is open and free for everyone to register as an athlete and is independent of slackline manufacturers. If you participate in contests, your points will be added to your score and are visible for everyone.

A further task of the Sport Commission is to catalogue and collect classic records in slacklining, we are also in charge of communicating with other record-registering entities, such as Guinness World Records.

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Further Goals

In the future the Commission would like to establish independent contest judging and certify judges in collaboration with the ISA Education Commission. The goal is to move towards the fairest and most comparable version of competitive slacklining possible.

Want to become a part of the Sport Commission?

We are happy to welcome new volunteers to the Sport Commission. You will be able to join meetings on our Discord channel, discuss matters and join one of our internal working groups, for example to work on a new judging system.

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