Sport Comission Treasurer

My name is Sirio “Zao” Izzo, i’m an italian slackliner and martial artist.

I discovered slacklining in 2011, after loook at an exhibition of the legendary “Flying Frenchies”; then i came to Brasil for holidays that year, and i arrive in a beautiful beach, with a slackline, left alone, rigged between two palms on the sand. I tried to walk it and suddently i fell in love with that!
Back in my country, i immediately bought one on the internet, and started my journey as a slackliners. I quickly got into tricklining but i was fascinated from longlines and highlines, too.
We were a very few people in Italy in that days so we decide to organize a slackline meeting, that would become the official Slackline Meeting Milano, that reach 7 editions in the 2018.
I started learn more and more about rigging, safety, gears, and so on, and because it’s very difficult for a begginner to find informations about risks for rigging mistakes, i decide to write a book, a slackline guide, named “l’arte della slackline” (the art of slacklining). The book is out from September 2016.
Since we built up a Sport Association in 2013 we organize every year the Italian Trickline Championship, starting in our slackline meeting for the first round.
Nowadays, i’m proud to be part of the ISA for the Sport Commission and i can’t wait to see how this new born baby will grow up in the future!
Thank You!