Slackline World Ranking List Winners 2021

We can introduce the yearly winners of 2021. In total the Ranking List defined winners in 3 disciplines, where more than two competitions took place in 2021. The list only includes slackliners who are competing in contests around the world. 

The winners are defined by the sum of the highest points ranking at the two largest events they participated in 2021.


Main Disciplines:

Name Age Country Points
Trickline Aerial
1 Mao Takebe 16 Japan 1073
2  Mio Sudō 22 Japan 960
3  Mirai Kuwabara 10 Japan 940
Trickline Aerial
1 Louis Sarawout Boniface 24 France 1800
1 Marius Kitowski 25 Germany 1800
1 Hendle Santos 27 Brazil 1800
Freestyle Highline
1 Carmen Schillingmann 26 Germany 1289
2 Taylor St. Germain 23 Canada 1280
3 Salomé Cholet France 1190
Freestyle Highline
1 Alexian Masson 26 France 2026
2 David Palomo Echavarrieta 24 Spain 2025
3 Ian Eisenberg 32 United States 1806
Speed long
1 Joshua Leupolz 30 Germany 1500

Slackline World Ranking List Winners 2020

Due to a lack in slackline competitions, no winners were defined in 2020!

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ISA Sport Commission:

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Why create a Ranking List? – Read more here


The toll of Covid-19 on Slackline Events and competitions has been massiv. Therefore the ISA Sport Commission decided to:

  • Support online competitions of any kind with active communication through our channels
  • Extent the Top Rank Category from 2 to 3 years into the past, accounting for all the missed events in 2020
  • Decided not to choose any winners for the year 2020, due to a lack in competitions spread around the world
  • Lower the hurdles in participation for Event Organisers (see Ranking List FAQ)

Dear Slackliners, stay active and healthy!

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