Trainer C Certification

The Trainer C certification provides individuals with the knowledge to teach workshops and courses designed to introduce people to the sport of slacklining. After this course, you will be able to organize and conduct your own slackline courses according to ISA standards.

In this course we will discuss several techniques for teaching slacklining to beginners, as well as how to prepare and manage courses. Participants will learn techniques to efficiently teach basic foundational slacklining skills, injury prevention, basic rigging and technical knowledge, and learn a thorough and successful methodology for teaching beginners. The focus lies on education, not rigging, however participants are expected to have a solid understanding of rigging beginner slacklines safely.

This is not a course for beginners. Participants must be able to comfortably walk a 15m slackline and be able to setup small slacklines with a ratchet and secure backup.

Trainer B Certification

The Trainer B certification goes one step further in slackline methodology. It is aimed at individuals who are teaching slacklining to slackliners intent on furthering their practice. The certification focuses on improving technique, learning new skills, and dives deeper into equipment and rigging. After this course, you will be able to organize and conduct your own slackline trainings, ongoing courses, and specialized workshops according to ISA standards.

The Trainer B certification is for dedicated slackline teachers. Participants must be confident in a variety of slackline types and styles and be able to perform all the basic techniques effortlessly. A general understanding of physiology, pedagogy and physics is helpful. It is not required, but strongly encouraged to already have an Trainer C certificate.

Rigger Certification

The RIGGER certification is intended to help festival organisers, local clubs and individual highliners with permissions, insurance, liability and alleviate access issues in general. Certified riggers are expected to be active members of the slackline community with a strong sense of responsibility and attention to detail.

The course is not a workshop, but a certification only. It basically consists of three days of testing to guarantee that the participants are capable and reliable riggers. Participants need to demonstrate their knowledge and ability in a variety of different environments and setups. Not only do they need to be able to rig highlines, but also efficiently coordinate their efforts with others, adhere to protocols and checklists provided by festival organisers and be able to assess and mitigate risks associated with events, festivals and slackline shows.

This certificate will aid you in becoming a more professional rigger, enabling you to assist and rig on festivals, negotiate with city officials and insurance companies and other , and in combination with an instructor certificate allow you to give highline focused workshops and courses according to ISA standards.