Demographics Survey

The largest and most comprehensive slackline study ever!

Back in 2013, a survey by Jürgen Röhm aimed to gather socio-scientific information about the global
slacklining community, e.g. the demographics, skills and motivation of slackliners.
After that, the International Slackline Association added more questions to this survey in 2016.
And to begin collecting data at regular intervals we gathered updated information through a follow-up survey in 2018.
Some of these results from the previous surveys are shown below.

The Demographics Survey was available in 6 languages and took between 30-60 minutes to participate.

Who participated? Over 500 slackers….

We’re in the process of going through the data and we’re writing a detailed report which will be published within the next months.
Your answers provide valid information on our community. Showing how it changes, what we need, and how we evolve as slackliners.
It is a great support, when talking to land managers, insurance companies, partners, and other organizations.
In other words, only with such data we can understand the slackline community and act in its interest!

In 2016 and 2018, we received between 1200 and 1500 responses by the time we closed the survey. We got over 500 detailed answers this time!

Thank you for participating (again)!!! From all the participants we will raffle a Ticket to the Moon hammock

TTTM Hammock Demographics Survey Raffle

2018 Demographics Survey Results

Here you can find the publication of the analysed data collected in 2018 including comparisons to previous surveys.
2018 ISA Demographics Survey Results

2016 Demographics Survey Results

Here are some extracted figures from the data gathered in 2016. So much has changed since!