Freestyle Highline Ranking List Winners 2023

2023 is over and we have the pleasure to meet the yearly winners in Freestyle Highline. Competitions are happening all around the world and finalists collect points depending on their ranks and the size of the competition (e.g. Masters, World Cup..), giving them a final score at the end of the year.

The yearly winners in our system are defined by the sum of the highest points ranking at the two largest events they participated in 2023.

Freestyle highlining is growing all around the world and competitions are becoming more and more popular, expecially in Europe. Here’s the top three ranking athletes gaining the most points during the last year of competition in the female and male categories. Let’s meet them!

Name Age Country Points
Freestyle Highline
1 Carmen Schillingmann 28 Germany 1562
2 Florentina Fink 30 Germany 1500
2 Taylor St. Germain 25 Canada 1500
3 Rebekka Karrer 25 Germany 1280
Freestyle Highline
1 David Palomo Echavarrieta 27 Spain 3000
2 Emil Breuer 27 Germany 2076
3 Sebastian Egger 26 Germany 1449

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Rebekka Karrer

Let’s meet Rebekka, third place in the ranking 2023:

  • Name: Rebekka Karrer
  • Age: 25 years old
  • Nationality: German

Rebekka started competing in 2022 at the Winter Festislack festival but really took of in 2023 where participated in three competitions, winning her first at the Cirat Highline Meeting at the end of 2023. She knows a lot about freestyle highlining and started making beginner freestyle tutorials which you can find on her IG and youtube! Awesome Rebekka, keep pushing!

Taylor St. Germain

Sharing the second place, we have Taylor!

  • Name: Taylor St. Germain
  • Age: 25 years  old
  • Nationality: Canada

Taylor from Canada is no unkown in the Freestyle Highline Community, but she only started competing during the Pandemic Open online competitions where she scored 4th place. In 2023 she participated in only one major competition: the French Winter Fesislack World Cup which she won, giving her 1500 points sharing the second rank with Florentina. Taylor is on the Slackhouse Slacklines team and part of the Bounce Kult freestyle crew. Check out her social media, it is clear she is having lots of fun on the highline. Taylor qualified for the LAAX World Championships, lets see what happens there in Summer 2024!
Go get it Taylor!

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Florentine Fink

Sharing the second place, we have Florentine!

  • Name: Florentine Fink
  • Age: 30 years  old
  • Nationality: Germany

Florentine from Dresden, Germany came out of nowhere, she suddenly appeard on the international szene during the BYOB – Pro competition which she won! This competition was classified as a World Cup, giving her 1500 points sharing the second rank with Taylor. Florentine is on the READ Slacklines team. She is famously known for not having any social media, so following her will be difficult 🙂 She qualified for the LAAX World Championships, we can not wait to see her perform there!
Congratulation Florentine! Nice job!

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Carmen Schillingmann

And the winner in 2023 is Carmen!

  • Name: Carmen Schillingmann
  • Age: 28 years old
  • Nationality: Germany

Carmen managed to defend her title from 2022, congrats! She started highlining and freestyling during the pandemic and quickly became one of the strongest highline freestylers in the world. She’s now part of the Bounce Kult freestyle crew and also sponsored by Slacktivity slacklines. In 2023 she competed at the Winter Festislack (3rd place) and in the BOYB Pro championship (2nd place). Congratulation Carmen to be able to get to the top in the ranking list in such a short time and stay there for two years in a row!

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Congratulations everyone! Wish you all the best for 2024!

Let’s move on to the male category, we have some well known names in the top 3!


Sebastian Egger

Let’s start from the third place, we have Sebastian!

  • Name: Sebastian Egger
  • Age: 26 years old
  • Nationality: German

Sebastian Egger is one of the early day Freestyle Highliners, known for his extremly clean style and sick tricks. He told us, “…I got  injured from focusing only on freestyle highlining in the past, this heavily influenced my training routines. It lead to me reading lots of literature, educating myself about sustainable training and performing lots of offline sessions, such as barbel and functional workouts, i love training! Lots of atheletes come to me to ask for personal training plans nowadays”.
Sebastian has been competing since 2021. In 2023 he took part in Winter Festislack and Cirat Highline Meeting competitions, ranking 2nd and 3rd. He also participated in Speed Highline competitions. For LAAX 2024 he mentioned that he might want to try to win the Combo (Freestyle and Speed) prize! Allez Sebastian!


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Emil Breuer

On the second place we have Emil:

  • Name: Emil Breuer
  • Age: 27 years old
  • Nationality: German

Emil is a powerhouse of a slackliner, training freestyle highline every free minute! He ranked second in two mayor freestyle highline competitions, Winter Festislack and BYOB – Pro. When asked about his plans for this year he said: “I will take a break from my studies to train for the Laax World Championships! Last time my goal for Laax was to make it to the quarter finals. Things have moved on and this year, I’ll go for the win!”. I think this nicely sums up Emils mindset. He is sponsored by Balance Community and he’s part of the Bounce Cult freestyle team. We can’t wait to see what he has in the store for us!

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David Palomo

And the winner, in male category, for 2023, is again Sakalomo!

  • Name: David Palomo
  • Age: 27 years old
  • Nationality: Spanish

Also known as Sakalomo, David started slacklining 5 year ago and, he said “…each year he’s is becoming more and more serious.” He lives in the Canary Islands, “Slackline Canarias is the association which promotes highlining on the island and that helped me provide one of the best training camps ever.”
“It’s crazy how time flies and things that used to be impossible, are now the everyday routine. (…) the Highline Freestyle world has developed so much during this year that in each competition the level has been raised.”
Projects for the future?
“I hope next year the level keeps rising and we get to see this beautiful sport develop and taken to its maximum potential.
There is still a lot of work to be done and it’s up to all of us to make this sport grow, so let’s do it together! You can start by bouncing and the rest will come 🙂”
Thank you David for the effort you put into the freestyle highline world. Enjoy the next year and keep it up!


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