Independantly tested ISA certified gear

We recommend to first and foremost use ISA certifed gear. So far the publised ISA gear standards have been primarily focusing on equipment used for highlining, due to the obvious negative consequences in case of failure.

We keep an online database of gear tested by independant laboratories.

Database – Approved Gear

We also keep a database of gear related issues that have lead to incidents and accidents in the past.

The detailed testing procedures are described in our ISA gear standards.

How do the ISA Gear Standards work?

Look for the ISA approved logo when buying slackline gear:

The ISA gear standards are a young developement in our upcoming sport. An extensive list of slackline gear can be found on, be aware that most of the gear available still is not independantly tested and certified.

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Tree Protection Consumer Test

We made a treepro consumer test – comparing the products on the market.

Webbing  comparison
by the Austrian Slackline Federation

Interactive webbing stretch chart