Rigger Certification

The RIGGER certification is intended to help festival organisers, local clubs and individual highliners with permissions, insurance, liability and alleviate access issues in general. Certified riggers are expected to be active members of the slackline community with a strong sense of responsibility and attention to detail. The certification is not a course, but an exam. It consists of three days of testing to guarantee that the participants are capable and reliable riggers.

Certified Riggers
Countries of Origin

ISA Highline Rigger

Participants need to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a variety of different environments and setups. Not only do they need to be able to rig highlines, but also efficiently coordinate their efforts with others, rescue other highliners, adhere to protocols and checklists provided by festival organisers and be able to assess and mitigate risks associated with events, festivals and slackline shows.

Trainee– Instructor A

Helps giving ISA Rigger and B/C certifications together with at least one Senior Instructor of the related course/cert. Organizes the rigging and Riggers of gatherings and festivals.

Senior – Instructor A

Runs and organizes ISA Rigger and B/C certifications with all the requirements and administration.

Why get certified?

A rigger certificate will aid you in becoming a more professional rigger, enable you to assist and rig on festivals, give leverage in negotiating with city officials, insurance companies and others, and in combination with an instructor certificate allow you to give highline focused workshops and courses according to ISA standards.

See certificate schedule here. Is your country/community left out? Let us know and we will try to organise one closer to you.