The ISA SAFETY LABEL is an international standard for slackline equipment developed by the Safety Commission of the International Slackline Association. This label is granted to equipment that has been thoroughly tested by independent testing agencies in accordance to the ISA standards.

In order to ensure the quality of slacklining equipment on the market and for the community to be able to compare gear of the same kind, the ISA Safety Commission is currently developing safety labels for gear, specifically leashes, webbing, webbing lockers and webbing grabs.

The ISA Approved Logo

The ISA Safety Label logo in a manual or on a piece of equipement means that samples of this model of equipement have been tested by an independent third party laboratory and fullfills the requirements by the ISA standard. However, no lab testing can ever truly reflect the range of situations encountered in practice.

Purchase of slackline and highline equipment bearing the ISA Safety Label supports the promotion of safety in these activities and sports.

The ISA Safety Commission regularly analyses the market and the incident reports to determine if the existing standards fit the needs. ISA Safety also creates new standards and accredites new testing laboratories.

ISA Safety Commission Volunteers:

Join as Independent Volunteer or Slackline Industry Partner and become a part of this process, together with the ISA Safety Commission.

The ISA Safety Labels are a project born at the first ISA Safety Event in 2017.

How does it work?

This graph breefly describes how the certification process for the ISA safety label works: