Speed Highline Ranking List Winners 2022

2022 showed an incredible stoke for speedlining and competitions are becoming more frequent at highline festival all around the world. At each competition, finalists collect points depending on their ranks and the size of the competition (e.g. Masters, World Cup..), giving them a final score at the end of the year.

The yearly winners in our system are defined by the sum of the highest points ranking at the two largest events they participated in 2022.

Here’s the top three ranking athletes gaining the most points during the last year of competition in the female and male categories. Let’s meet them!

This years speedline highlight probably was the Speed Highline World Cup in LAAX, Switzerland. Here the podium shot and the live feed you can rewatch!

Author: Sirio Izzo

Erika Sedlacek de Almeida

Let’s meet Erika, third place in Speed Highlining in 2022:

  • Name: Erika Sedlacek de Almeida
  • Age: 30 years old
  • Nationality: Brasilian

Erika is part of the brasilian crew named ‘Nova Geração’, based in Rio de Janeiro. She’s been practicing slacklining for 5 year but she trained speedlining especially before the Bop Games competition in the Mineirão Stadium, in Minas Gerais.

“I hope this year more competitions will take place in Brasil, to keep our beautiful sport growing. And I also hope to have more opportunities to be part of competitions around the world, so I can meet and exchange with wonderful people and cultures. Lots of highline for us all! <3”
Valeu Erika!

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Annalisa Casiraghi

On the second place, we have Annalisa!

  • Name: Annalisa Casiraghi
  • Age: 26 years old
  • Nationality: Italian

Annalisa started slacklining back in the 2013, with the Slackline Milano crew, in Italy. She’s now sponsored by Spider Slacklines and she’s one of the strongest athletes in Italy. Here’s what she told us: “I like speedline because make me feel free. It was great to be able to participate in Laax and see people running so fast and the community so supportive. So much motivation and the desire to learn more about going fast on the line :)”

Congratulations Lizzie and good luck for the next year!

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Tania Monier

And the winner, in speed highlining, in 2022 is Tania!

  • Name: Tania Monier
  • Age: 25 years old
  • Nationality: French

Tania is part of the french crew ‘slackalot’, she’s been slacklining for 5 years, training both freestyle and speedline. “I like to explore a lot of different aspects of highlining!” she said us.

Best competition? “The best was really the one in laax! (…) In freestyle it was amazing to watch everybody giving their best and crushing the battles in the weekend, and the speedline battles were also incredible to watch! There was such a good energy and vibes between people!” and about the next year? “For the next year i’m more motivated to explore some more tandem highlining, i’m also organising a big alpine project, and probably more motivated to get more into setting up beautiful lines which are more a rigging missions! And also Benoit is organising a speedline competition in july and i’m pretty motivated to train and participate for this one (would be awesome if other girls would start training for speedline as well)!
Good luck for all of these project then, Tania!

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Congratulations everyone! Hope you all the best for 2023!

Let’s move on to the male category, then!


Sascha Grill

Let’s start from the third place, as usual, where we have our joungest athete for speed highlining, Sascha!

  • Name: Sascha Grill
  • Age: 21 years old
  • Nationality: German

Sascha is sponsored by Raed Slacklines and he’s an allround athlete with a high level both in freestyle and in speed highlining. He started slacklining 5 years ago, when he was very young: “I didn’t have that many opportunities to highline and I was happy if I could do it once a month, but now I’m often on the line, almost every day!”.

2022 was a great highline year for me” he told us “I was part of the first highline world championship in LAAX and I performed the first time on a highline in a real show, i further had some other nice competitions and learned a lot of new tricks on the line. I’m really excited for what the next years will bring, I definitely will try to keep pushing and always give my best!”

Congratulation Sascha! Best wishes for 2023!


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Matheus Stoco Vidal

On the second place we have Matheus Vidal, from Brasil!

  • Name: Matheus Stoco Vidal
  • Age: 28 years old
  • Nationality: Brasilian

Vidal is a brasilian circus artist and slackliner for 8 years. He performs beautiful circus acts with slack- and highlining, but in the slackline world he is know all over the world for his unbelievable speed on the line. He fought an amazing battle at the World Championships in Laax; conceraning this contest he told us “without any doubt that was the most important championship of my life, i felt like an elite athlete, we’ve been warmly welcomed, i have nothing to blame, i can only say thank you. i can’t wait for the next one!”

Thank you Vidal, see you next year!

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Benoit Humm

And the winner, in the male category, for 2022, is Benoit!

  • Name: Benoit Humm
  • Age: 27 years old
  • Nationality: French

Benoit Brume is 27 Years old, he started to slackline 10 years ago. Specialized in huge lengths, Benoit Brume is always keen to create projects of several hundred meters. “I like to walk where the birds are flying”, he said. He also appreciates the logistical aspect of these expeditions which sometimes require teams of up to 20 people. He is an accomplished event organiser and a great cook: you’ll never go hungry at one of his events.  To follow his activities here‘s his website!

This year, he won the Laax World Championships. About next year? “In 2023, I aim to push and develop the speedline aspect of the sport. For that I will be organising a Speedline Worldcup which will happen between two castles in Ribeauvillé France 6-9th of July!”

Congratulations again, and good luck with the World Cup!


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