Highline World Championships happening again!

A World Championship is the most prestigious international tournament in every sport. After a very successful first Championship in 2022 the spectacle is happening again from July 10th – 14th 2024, in Laax Switzerland. The purpose of the event is to gather the best highliners from around the world and crown the World Championship Winners (M/F). But we also want to promote our beloved activity to a wider audience and motivate young and upcoming slackline athletes and newcomers with a perspective in pursuing slackline as a high level sport. 

For the organization of such an event, a large number of criteria needs to be fulfilled and therefore the location, promotional contracts and organizer budget needs to be accordingly secured several months or even years before the event.

Ideally the World Championships event can travel to different continents and locations and is awarded to a destination or local organizer by the ISA Sport Commission. So far the only two applications have come from Swiss Slackline with their destination partner LAAX in eastern Switzerland, who is well known for organising Snowboard World Cups. From 2026 onwards the ISA is open to award new locations if they can fulfill the criteria and come up with the necessary budget until mid 2025.

World Championships World Cups
  • Multi day event, usually includes multiple disciplines (e.g. Freestyle Trickline, Freestyle Highline or Speed Highline)
  • take place once every 1-4 years on different continents (ideally)
  • includes a minimum of 60% of the best athletes world wide from at least 3 different continents
  • Higher number of athletes needed onsite, higher prize money and more communication efforts than a world cup
  • Can be a one day event, usually includes only one discipline (e.g. Freestyle Trickline, Freestyle Highline or Speed Highline)
  • can take place multiple times per year on different continents
  • includes a minimum of 40% of the best athletes world wide

Highlights from 2022

How does somebody qualify for the World Championships?

The basis for athlete qualification is the Slackline World Ranking List, managed by the ISA Sports Commission. This online database considers all competitions which took place in the past years.

Due to the rapid development of the sport and because not all athletes have access to competitions, the ISA Sport Commission regulates that wildcard slots need to be handed out to individual athletes.

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