Three years ago, the first version of longline recommendations was published in the name of Swiss Slackline. Today, we are proud to present the second version of this document, in the name of the International Slackline Association. The document was written and edited by Thomas Buckingham and Thomas Spöttl. It was reviewed by some of the most experienced longliners and updated with some nice illustrations and photos. The document delivers recommendations essential to longlining.

Be aware that land- park- and treeowners,managers, and insurance firms will also study this document in detail, as the past has shown. This document can assist with acquiring insurance and lead to long term agreements between slackliners and landowners/managers.

Thanks everyone for the hard work!

If you have inputs and comments for the version 3, let us know through [email protected]

Longline Recommendations

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English – Web version (.pdf)
English – Print version (.pdf)
German – Web version (.pdf)
German – Print version (.pdf)


Authors and Editors:
Thomas Buckingham​ – Vice-President ISA, President Swiss-Slackline Association, Bern
Thomas Spöttl (Snöüdl Snomas​) – Treasurer ISA, Secretary Slackline Association Austria, Vienna

Harald Höglinger – Chairman Slackline Association Austria, Wien
Philipp Gesing​ – President German Slackline Association, Slackline Tübingen e.V.​
Christian Rojek – Slackline Berlin​
Guido Häfeli – Slackin’Spirit Association​ Lausanne
Laetitia Go​nnon – President Slackline Gèneve
Igor Scotland​ – Chairman Vienna Slackliners​
Damian Jörren​ – Landcrusing Slacklines,, Dresden
Marian Harbach​ – Slackline Hannover

Translation to English:
Marian Harbach

Andi Erschen​
Elias Hodel​

Samuel Bucher (Unkle Sam​)
Sonya Iverson​

Tobias Marti
Thomas Buckingham
Stefan Junghannss