New Backup Fall Simulator released!

We created a model which will tell you all the relevant forces and heights in a defined highline system:

  • Choose your webbings

  • Customize your setup

  • Rig it to your spot and desired tension

  • Choose the position of the slackliner, and even the bounce size!

Be aware, this is a beta version, it requires refinement! We are also looking for a frontend developer to make it look nicer.

Why would you need it?

This model is not going to help you rig well, it will not pad the sharp edges around your anchor. But it can help you make better decisions.

It can also be a support tool in attempts to get authorizations, be it for a show or for a training spot: you can show that our activity is safe and that the forces involved are relatively low.

How does it work?

The model is not a full real time model that would show you all that happens during a fall. This would require much bigger ressources and wouldn’t run on browser alone.

Instead, it takes a short cut and uses the preservation of energy to compute only the lowest point of the fall. This is where the forces in the anchors are the highest, as well as the forces in the leash. Have a look at the full explanation if  you’re interested.


This calculator is open-source, all the code is available on GitHub. If you want to help Augustin make it look better, if you’ve got an idea that would improve it, or if you found some bugs, you’re welcome!


Thanks to the brilliant Augustin Moinat for the amazing work spearheading this complex project!