Short Educational Videos

We would like to start the year with a series of short video clips brought to you by the ISA, Swiss Slackline and the volunteers helping onsite.

Filmed at the Transalp Waterline Tour in Flims, Graubünden, Switzerland. Festival and short films organized by Thomas Buckingham.

Thanks to Cara Urban for filming and editing them.

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How to Slackline without fixed anchors – the Slackrack!

A mobile, attractive and safe way to get kids, seniors and more generally beginners into making their first balance moves on a slackline.

Many of our Slackline Partners sell Slack Racks or Mobile Slackline Stands in different variations. The outdoor capable version shown in the video is being produced by @Swiss Slackline.

Narrated by @Isidro Rocua

Do you teach slacklining?

Some basic tips for starting with slacklining, narrated by Isidro Rocua

Thanks to all those people out there teaching slacklining! So much teaching happens in the dark, without people recognising it!

How to coil and uncoil slackline webbing!

Show this video to all your friends and save precious time and nerves while rigging and derigging. Narrated by Augustin Moinat

Why Waterline in the first place?

Because it is hard! Probably one of the more difficult slackline variations out there, waterlining challenges our visual balance, some rumor, it is easier to walk a waterlines blind! Also, did you know about UNDERwaterlining? A great entry point into waterlining!

Why should you always protect your ears when waterlining!

Don’t underestimate the pain and long-term consequences of an eardrum puncture simply from falling sideways onto the water surface. Protect your ears with simple measures, such as water-ear plugs for sports and a simple head band. Narrated by Thomas Buckingham

Wind helps with Slacklining!

Did you know, that wind is often the key ingredient in a slackline experience, especially on longer lines.. While a light, constant wind helps extremely with lowering the difficulty while walking, strong wind bursts can throw you off in the blink of an eye. But no wind at all can be the most difficult to walk! Here some thoughts on wind when slacklining narrated by Nina Amman,

The first ocean-bound fully recycled PET slackline webbing!

It was a two year Journey to figure out if it was possible to create a safe highline webbing from recycling PET Bottles – the answer is YES. We would like to opensource this knowledge we gained, for manufacturers to further evaluate the production of slackline webbing from a secondary raw material. On the other hand, customers also need to be willing to pay more for webbing made from recycled materials.  Narrated by Thomas Buckingham

The Transalp Waterline Tour

Caumasee in Flims, happening since 13 years in Graubünden, Switzerland. Here we mix Waterlining/Midlining with Acro, Juggling, Flow Arts and lots of other fun movement activities. Narrated by Oliver Cottet and Nina Ammann