Presenting Slackline Lietuva, the main slackline representative at the young sports association of Lithuania.

Alternatyviai (Alternative) a Lithuanian association for slacklining, parkour and acro. Their slackline division, Slackline Lietuvaorganise slackline workshops, sessions, camps, competitions, participate in festivals and cultural, as well as social events. Connect with them on Facebook on Slackline Lietuva and FB groups Slackline Vilnius and Slackline sessions in Kaunas.

In the photos you see their urban highline event in Kaunas. There was an old building in the center of our city, which was about to be demolished. They saw an opportunity and negotiated with the owner, who gave them permission to hold a full day event (one video is from that day).

The photo with two lines between buildings is another urban highline event in Kaunas, this time at a University building. They have a good relationship with Kaunas Technology University and they let thme organize events using that building once or twice a year.

The other two pictures are from their free slackline sessions in the center of Kaunas where we promote slacklining.

The Lithuanian Slackline Association has been accepted as active member at the ISA General Assembly in August 2020.

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