Trainer C Course at GGBY 2019!

Start your GGBY experience off with the ISA Trainer C Certification on November 24th.
This is our second Trainer C course in the US this year, after a great new crew of ISA educators were certified at the Breathe festival this past July.

Group of the Instructor C Course at the Breathe Festival

Are you a keen slackliner who wants to share their knowledge of this beautiful activity? This course on how to successfully teach beginners how to slackline is for anyone who wants to help others find their balance and move better, and help slacklining grow and evolve.

What’s the Purpose of the Course?

This certification is for fitness and sport instructors, coaches, physiotherapists, physical education teachers, and anyone who would like to would like to introduce others to the sport of slacklining by way of conducting their own professional classes, according to ISA standards.

The course will cover several techniques for teaching slacklining to beginners, as well as how to prepare and manage classes. Participants will learn techniques to efficiently teach basic foundational slacklining skills, injury prevention, basic rigging and technical knowledge, and learn a thorough and successful methodology for teaching beginners. The focus lies on education, not rigging, however participants are expected to have a solid understanding of rigging beginner slacklines safely.

If you’d like to register for the course at GGBY, please fill out this form:

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Where? GGBY (Moab, Utah)

When? Sunday, November 24, 10:30am – 3:00pm


  • $70 USD for GGBY Participants
  • $90 USD for non-GGBY participants

Trainer C Registration GGBY 2019

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