Slacklining is a young and emerging sport with many disciplines and athletes who compete in these. Many definitions of “Sport” actually include competitions as one of the core elements and slacklining is no exception.

However, while one might be able to define slacklining as a sport, it is not recognised as an official sport in any country. This means there is little public and private funding available for events, gear and development. The few competitive slackliner in this respect are a important minority in the community for slacklining as a sport, but are lacking support to continue. This lack of funding and small contest scene is what the ISA has recognised and wants to develop as a non-profit network based on volunteer work. In this way we can support and help guide the evolution of the sport in collaboration with athletes, the community  and event organisers.

An important step in this evolution is the creation of the ranking list, which allows us to show officials and the public our status as a sport, ensure fairness and comparability and slowly professionalise organizations and athletes. The inner workings of the ranking list are described in our FAQ.

If you have any feedback, feel free to let us know. You can also go a step further and:

  • Become a member or speaker of the Athletes Board of the Sport Commission
  • Apply for the board of the ISA Sport Commission