What is the data page?

As work on the new ISA Website began, it turned out that an archive was necessary to house all the data, publications, forms and future output of the ISA. The SlackEd platform was born out of this necessity. It is a platform that contains all the knowledge and organisational material the ISA creates.

At the time of publishing the platform contains all the publications and the available translations into 14 languages, a calendar and event registration form, all SAIR forms to report accidents and incidents, educational materials, the efforts of the contest commission to create a global ranking list and other benefits for athletes and the organisational forms to become member, partner or volunteer of the ISA.

How do I use the data page?

You should be able to find everything you need on the data platform, depending on who you are and what you are looking for:

If you’re…

  • …after information and publications on slacklining in general, check the first two tabs for available resources.

  • …an event organiser or festival goer, register and look up festivals and contests in the calendar.

  • …a victim or witness of an accident or incident in slacklining, let us know under Report Incident.

  • …teaching slacklining and interested in the education programme, check the Education site.

  • …an athlete and want to be one of the first on the global ranking list, or register your slackline record, look up Sport.

  • …part of a slackline club/association/federation; own a slackline gear company; or want to volunteer, check the forms under Organisation.

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