Second comparative weblock cyclic loading tests

We tested different webbing lockers to gain insight into fatigue behaviour of weblocks and evaluate the weblock safety standard ISA:51.

The ISA Safety Commission did this extensive work in collaboration with the University of Lucerne, department of Engineering and Architecture.

The second set of cyclic loading tests have finished and you can find the results in our publication here!

Weblock design and material choice have been the focus of many discussions in the slackline community and these tests can finally shine a little more light onto this topic. It appears that most weblocks are unfazed by the loads commonly seen in slack- and highlines, even after 1000s and 1000s of cycles.

The one exception we’ve tested is the SLACKIBLOC. We have to extend our warning to all generations / batches of this weblock, because it was the only weblock that failed in our cyclic loading tests. For more information, please also read our first publication on the topic and check out the official statement from slack-inov.

Thanks to Jann Mathys and the University of Luzern for conducting the tests (: