Highline FundRACE

At the Highline FundRACE 12 world-class athletes walked as many meters as possible to collect money for a good cause!

Five people increased the one day highline-endurance world record from 4900 to 8000m, this is a shared record by:

Samuel Volery, CH
Alexander Schulz, DE
Joshua Leupolz, DE
Quirin Herterich, DE
Lukas Irmler, DE

Two people increased the 3 day world record from 9300 to 21200m (this equals a half marathon):
Samuel Volery, CH and
Joshua Leupolz, DE
Alexander Schulz, DE walked 20000m in three days

The best slackliners therefore walked these difficult highlines 212 times in three days!

In total all the athletes together walked 110km in three days on the 2.5 cm wide webbings.

Pictures by Thomas Buckingham, free to use

These records were walked on six parallel 140m highlines at 70m hight above Shoppi Tivoli in Spreitenbach near Zürich, Switzerland. A 100m segment was marked with a laser. The athletes walked back and forth between those markings. Falling was allowed but always consumes lots of energy and time. Congrats to all the athletes and thanks to all the volunteers!

More info on the projects this FundRACE supports:

Slackline Workshops with Refugees in Lebanon

Slackline Workshops with Immigrants in Zürich

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