NEW UV Tests on Highline Webbing


Effects of UV on breaking strength of polyamide and polyester highline webbing Members of the ISA Safety Commission have performed comparative two year degradation tests of some commonly used webbing materials used in  highlining . These tests were performed at extreme weather conditions in a high alpine environment to evaluate the highline webbing safety standard ISA:41 and to provide further data for evaluating highline webbing lifetime around the globe. The high-altitude Jungfraujoch research station offers a perfect venue for installing an array of frames with different webbing samples for a long-term, combined weathering and solar radiation study. Not [...]

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Webbing lifetime and freestyle highline warnings


Webbing lifetime and freestyle highline warnings With the popularity of highline freestyle rising in today’s highlining world, permanently rigged lines (or perma-rigs) are becoming the norm rather than the exception. This intensive use and long exposure of the webbing can lead to critical weakening and failure. In these publications, we adress the main factors we are aware of, abrasion and UV degradation. We also give some recommendations on what to do to avoid critical failure, the first of which is always to rig redundantly. We are constantly updating the ISA 41 Highline Webbing standard to be consistent to [...]

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