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Join us in the largest and most comprehensive slackline study ever!

A 2012 survey by Jürgen Röhm aimed to gather socio-scientific information about the global slacklining community, e.g. the demographics, skills and motivation of slackliners. In 2016, the International Slackline Association added more questions to this survey and repeated it to gather updated information and begin collecting data at regular intervals.
Some of the results from the 2016 survey are below.

Now, we’re asking you to join us in doing what slackliners do best, talk about slacklining. 

In 2016, we gathered 700+ responses in the first 24 hours and had more than 1400 responses when we closed the survey a month later. Let’s see how many responses we can get in the first week!

Take the 2018 ISA demographic survey – english
Take the 2018 ISA demographic survey – francais
Take the 2018 ISA demographic survey – português
Take the 2018 ISA demographic survey – español

From all the participants we will raffle a Ticket to the Moon hammock!

2016 Survey Results

A full publication analyzing the 2016 results is in review within the ISA and will be published soon. In the meantime, here are some preliminary figures from the data.