Judging at Slackline Competitions

The judging certifications are intended to help contest organisers, federations and clubs with establishing fair and transparent competitions. Certified judges are expected to be active members of the slackline community with a strong sense of responsibility and attention to detail. There exists no course or exam yet to be a judge, but the ISA recognises past experience of judges. 

Experienced judges can claim their curriculum by submitting the list of contests they were active at. New judges can also claim their experience as soon as they are involved in judging contests.

Judge C

Can help judge at all but world level competitions

Judge B

Can be a head judge at all but world level competitions and can help with world level competitions.

Senior – Judge A

Can run ISA Judge certifications, has lots of experience. Can be head judge at all competitions in all slackline disciplines (incl. World Championships and World Cups)

Why get certified?

A judge certificate will aid you in becoming a more professional judge, enable you to assist and judge at contests. Inform friends who have been judges in the past to sign up.

Who is already certified?

The ISA has so far not certified any Judges, this process starts now.