Moisés is a mountain athlete specialising in steep skiing, mountaineering, rock climbing and highlining. A professional ski instructor, Moisés dedicates himself to the outdoors, and is fortunate to spend a lot of his time training for mountain expeditions. He believes in working less to live more, and definitely not live to work. Slacklining has changed Moisés’ life by giving a reason to fight for a good purpose. He knows from experiences how this sport can change one’s perspective, and believes it should reach every corner of the world.

For many years Moisés helped run Libera Tu Mono, a slackline club in Viña del Mar, Chile. He is an active volunteer with the International Slackline Association, as well as the Chilean slackline federation. In both organisations, Moisés focuses his effort on the Education Commissions, contributing his in-depth knowledge as a ski instructor to help legitimise slacklining and strengthen its professional image. Based in Andorra, he works to promote the sport through education and advocacy. Now, Moisés represents the slackline community before the authorities, working to make slacklining an official sport in this small country.