Project Description


Dan discovered slacklining in his hometown climbing gym back in 2013 when he stepped on a 2-inch 20 foot Gibbon line for the very time. That was the beginning of Dan’s journey into the Slacklife and adventures he never would have imagined before then. For the first two years, Dan practiced longlining in the parks of his hometown of Concord New Hampshire, USA and formed the Slackline New Hampshire Facebook group. He did regular meet-ups at the parks and organized small events until eventually starting the New England Balance Festival. Dan would meet up regularly with the Boston crew and was first introduced to highlining in 2015 at Quincy Quarries in Quincy Massachusetts. A month later, he attended GGBY 2015 for the first time.

Between 2015 and 2017, Dan focused on organizing lots of regional meet ups across New England, built his first spacenet, and got involved in Slackline U.S. and the ISA as a volunteer publishing the first Slackline Accident and Incident Report in 2015 (SAIR). Eventually Dan, joined the Slackline U.S. Board of Directors as Treasurer under the leadership of Sonya Iverson.

By 2017, Dan experienced some of the most enormous changes in his life within the community and became a co-lead organizer of the GGBY Highline Gathering with Sonya Iverson after human waste, parking, and other environmental issues threatened the continuation of the event. Slackline U.S. became the official organizing entity. A year later, Dan became the President of Slackline U.S. and the sole lead organizer of GGBY 2018 and 2019. He has the privilege to lead a crew of 20 talented organizing managers and volunteers who make the world’s largest highline gathering of 500+ a life changing event for thousands of slackliners and friends.

In his role as President of Slackline U.S., Dan has served dozens of slackliners across the U.S. with access issues from coast to coast. Dan also started the Slackline U.S. Ambassador’s program entails a training and project that prepares slackers to become educated leaders of slackline access, knowledge, and conservation issues in their areas. Dan has taught this training at both Breathe and GGBY and the program is undergoing a revamp to be available as an online module in late 2019. Dan was also the lead organizer of the first publicly accessible urban highline, Concord Urban Highline in 2018 in Concord New Hampshire during their Market Days festival.

In mid 2019, Dan realized the importance that Slackline U.S. maintains an active role in the International Slackline Association and joined the Advisory Board where he hopes to help improve and strengthen the ISA’s commitments and benefits to its members. Dan frequently enjoys highlining in northern New Hampshire and Quebec where he is improving his French. In his non-slacklife, Dan is the owner and principal partner of Concord Analytics, LLC a data science and machine learning firm and holds a master’s in physiology and biophysics and a master’s in data science. Dan enjoys rock-climbing and paragliding and wants everyone to spend as much time outdoors as possible and believes in the mission of the ISA and how it aligns with promoting healthy living, physical activity, and wellness while pushing the boundaries of what is possible.