Project Description


Bradley took his first shaky steps on a slackline on a sunny Californian beach in 2005. Since then, he has taken an active role in the development of many slackline communities, organizations, gatherings, and festivals around the world. He is a founder of Move Copenhagen, the International Slackline Association, and the Lebanon Highline and Adventure Festival, and participates as a board member and project manager with Crossing Lines, a nonprofit project which aims to teach slacklining to refugee kids in Lebanon. Throughout his years of extensive volunteering as rigger, team leader, and organizer for many of the most well-known slackline festivals, Bradley has put much of his energy into helping slackline communities expand their knowledge of rigging and safe practices. To him, slacklining is more than doing tricks and breaking records: it´s the community that lifts the individual to places they could have never gone alone.