Online Slackline Competitions

The toll of covid on slackline events and competitions has been massive. Over the past 2 years only about 50% of the competitions took place!

As a consequence a series of online competitions have emerged and were accepted as part of the ISA Ranking List:

Pandemic Highline Freestyle 1 & 2

These competitions show the best of the young freestyle highline community.

Organizer: Ian Eisenberg

First edition – Results Female
First edition – Results Male
Second edition – Results Female
Second edition – Results Male

4-, 6-, 8-Part Trickline Combo

A female only competition with three levels.

Organizer: Olga Henry

Results Female 8 Part Combo
Results Female 6 Part Combo
Results Female 4 Part Combo

French Jumpline Tour

The French Jumpline Tour allowed participation of athletes from surrounding countries aswell.

Organizer: Alex Bibi

Results Male

We hope our community can continue soon with Events (Register your Event now!) Read up what other decisions the ISA Sport Commission applied as a consequence of Covid.

Stay strong, healthy and happy

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