Presenting ISA Interim Active Member: Slackline Slovakia

Slackline Slovakia is a newly created association founded in October 2021 based on a Facebook group (Community) that existed for 10 years.

One special thing Slackline Slovakia offers to their members is insurance. Members with a full membership automatically get enrolled in an “Extreme Sports and Alpine” insurance program that covers mountain rescue and so on.


A word from their president:

“We are the representative body for Slacklining in Slovakia, committed to
providing support and developing the slackline community.

We aim to protect land access rights for all forms of slacklining in Slovakia as
well as assist in access management for the slackline community,
encourage conservation, and foster safe practices in all forms of
slacklining through education and community development.

If you want to support the slackline community in Slovakia, prepare
lectures, help with the realization of various projects, if you want to
support our youth and slackline in schools, but also our city where
slackline can be trained, don’t hesitate and become our member.

The values of our association are the time spent together in a sport
that develops everyone in different disciplines.

We strive to promote the values of conservation and human health
throughout the community.

Our sport is not about who is better, but about who perceives how they
relate to slacklining, moving forward, encouraging, and developing a
sense of purpose.”

Slackline Slovakia joined the ISA as an Interim Active Member in November 2021.

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