Presenting Step Slackliners Armenia

The goal of Step Slackliners Armenia is to develop slacklining as a sport in Armenia, where our balance activity is still misunderstood for tightrope walking by many. Regular free trainings in parks and also indoor trainings are organized and open for all to get the general public to try out slacklining. Most think slacklining to be an extreme sport and only fit for professionals.

Many outdoor and “extreme” sport groups and associations in Armenia are working together to solve access issues and to educate the public. As the slackline community is still small they have had a joined slackline/highline and climbing festival for several years.

 A small group of slackliners founded Step Slackliners Armenia already 8 years ago (2012) and they’ve joined the ISA as an Active Member in August 2020.

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