Presenting SlacklineLv, the leading slackline association in Latvia.

We are a group of Latvian slackline enthusiasts with an objective to spread slackline sport in Latvia. Our vision is to Simply Discover Balance and our mission as an organisation is to provide safe opportunities to simply discover balance through slackline, for anyone. 

Therefore, in our community we do basic slackline, trickline, longline, highline for ourselves. Big part of our motivation is based on investment in local society and the environment. So, we use project funding to provide free opportunities to slackline in city parks with various lines so that anyone can come and discover balance with slackline. Since slackline has helped us to discover our balance and focus in life, we introduce slackline to youngsters as a sport and free time activity to help them actively participate in local society, improve willingness to learn and become a valuable person. 

Slackline is a magical tool that helps people in so many different ways, we enjoy slacklining and do our best to provide it for as many people as we can so that we have a happy, balanced community and society.

The Latvian Slackline Association has been accepted as active member at the ISA General Assembly in August 2020.

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