Rigger Certification in the USA

After a successful launch of the latest ISA educational program in Europe, the Rigger Certification is finally coming to North America. The ISA Education Commission is proud to present the third Rigger cert this year, and the first one ever to be held in the US. This is not a course or a workshop, but the most expansive and comprehensive rigging evaluation available to establish an international standard for professional rigging.

Why Get the Certification?

The Rigger Certification is intended to help festival organizers, local clubs, and individual highliners with permissions, insurance, liability, and adding credibility when access might be an issue. The 3-day program is mainly a test of your skills and knowledge, but given the vast amount of Rigging information, it is highly likely that participants will come away with something new for their rigging practice and application.

What Are the Prerequisites?

Participants are expected to have rigged different highlines in a variety of environments and locations. They are also expected to be familiar with rigging on natural and artificial anchors, and maybe even have established some lines themselves. It is recommended to have experience rigging at festivals, including coordinating with other riggers and festival organisers.

Who is it For?

This program is suited for reliable, responsible, and enthusiastic slackliners, who are motivated to learn more about rigging, make festivals safer, and want to help the community establish more highlines. Aspiring participants don’t have to be the best highliners, but they do need to bring a bit of stoke combined with a willingness to learn and be a good ambassador for highlining and the ISA.

More Info

The Rigger Certification will take place in Moab, Utah from the 16th to 18th of November. The certification costs $195 ($10 for the ISA, $80 for the instructors, $35 for the location, $30 for equipment and insurance and $40 for Slackline US) and includes accommodation. There will be additional expenses for food and beverages.

Don’t forget to bring your harness, descender, ascender, PAS (Personal Anchoring System), and a rescue kit if you have one.

If you are interested in joining this course and becoming an ISA certified RIGGER, please fill out this application form:

Rigger application US 2019

Space is limited. Applicants who are already certified ISA instructors as well as ISA members will be prioritised.

If you have any questions, you can comment, shoot us a message on FB or contact us via mail at [email protected].

For further details

Rigger Certification #2 – Bern, Switzerland 2019

The Gaskessel is a punk rock event space that used to be a couple of giant tankers for reserve petrol during World War 2, and the ISA conducted it’s second successful Rigger Certification at this interesting site. Riggers from four continents rose to the creative rigging challenges put on by the ISA expert riggers, the instructors for the course who also gave each student a personalised and thorough rigging evaluation.


Over the 3 days, riggers were presented with unique rigging puzzles where they were tasked to find different ways to rig lines, sometimes with limited gear, or challenging obstacles and redirections. Students had to work together in teams to rig over the two domes of the Gaskessel, and an urban line at a dormant construction site. A day in the park was spent on rescue techniques, demonstration of various knots, and basic rope handling.

Most of the students were not only rigging enthusiasts, but slackliners who have been involved in a deeper role of the advancement of the sport, such as gear manufacturers and designers, highline festival organizers, members of various ISA commissions, and slackline educators. The days were long and the information detailed, but there was an awesome exchange of knowledge that came from a group of slackliners so dedicated to the sport.

Group of the Bern rigger certification

Congratulations to all of the certified Riggers from the Bern 2019 class!