Every Great idea starts somewhere….

For the first time, the ISA is organizing a science prize.

Our goal is to promote scientific research which benefits the slackline community. Please check out the following notes before you begin your project. It´s short and painless. We promise.

Rules to keep in mind:

In order for your study to get accepted it must follow the systematic investigation of scientific theories and hypotheses, which are relevant to slacklining and further fulfills the following criteria:

  • It must be written in English or German.
  • All submissions (not only winners) must be allowed (from a copyrights standpoint) to be freely distributed on the websites of the ISA, the ASA, Swiss Slackline and other slackline associations or social media platforms.
  • It should not have been submitted to the APG Science Prize 2017, organized through ASA.
  • It has been reviewed and approved to contain correct science. This includes all university theses and peer-reviewed papers.

Want to know how judging works?

The jury instated by the ISA will be reviewing all submissions based on the judging criteria: relevance, presentation, and originality.

The handling of the prize and the proceedings lies at the discretion of the jury following the principles described here.


Let´s talk about money!

You can win up to 300 EUR. It is awarded only by the decision of the jury and sponsored by the Austrian Slackline Association (ASA) and Swiss Slackline. 

Sorry but…

We accept no legal recourse concerning the prize or the decision of the jury. And we maintain the right to reject a submission without further explanation.

You think you can win this?

Then please send us an E-Mail with your study in PDF format to scienceprize@slacklineinternational.org with the subject line “ISA Slackline Science Prize 2019” until September 30th, 2019.

Find Science Prize Rules here