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We’re curating a list of slackline resources including spreadsheets for comparing gear stats, links to slackline rigging information, lists of slackline groups and maps of rigging locations, and more. 

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Gear Data
Slackline Science
Rigging Guides / Tutorials
Tension/Load Calculators
Slackline Gear Companies
Slackline Groups / Community Links
National Slackline Organisations
Slackline Festivals and Events
Slackline Locations
Slackline Records
Slackliner Databases
Various Resources


Gear Data

Slackline Kits
Tree Protection
Webbing Table – SlackWiki (editable with free login)
Webbing Table – Stephan Altenhein
Webbing Stretch Chart – Slackline Verband Austria
Webbing Breaking Strength and Weight – Slackline Verband Austria

Slackline Science

Slack Science, Knowledge Center – Balance Community, Germany (English & German)
Slack Tübingen, Germany (English)
How Not to Highline – Youtube Channel with Instructional Videos
Katlein, Germany (German)
Scientific Article: Pilates vs Slackline for Core Muscles
Webbing Slippage in Low Tension Highlines – Slackline Tübingen
Trickline (Jumpline) cyclic load testing – Slack Mountain
Trickline (Jumpline) cyclic load testing –
Socio-Scientific View of the Slackline Community(download as .pdf)

Rigging Guides / Tutorials

Longline Recommendations – ISA Publication
Slack Science – Rigging Concepts – Balance Community
V-threaded Rock Anchors (FR)

Tension/Load Calculators

Slackline tension calculator – Balance Community
Slackline load calculator

Slackline tension calculator – Super Slacker Resources
Slac Calc (Iphone App)
Slac Calc (Android App)
Other calculators – Balance Community
Katlein Anchor weight estimation tool


Hivefly Trickline Encyclopedia
American Trickline Association

Slackline Gear Companies SlackWiki Company List
SlackChat Slackline Brand List

Slackline Groups & Community Links

List of Local Groups – SlackWiki
SlackChat Local Slackline Groups List
Slackline community site

National Slackline Organizations

Slackline U.S. (USA)
Swiss Slackline (Switzerland)
Slackline Verband (Austria)
Deutscher Slacklineverband (Germany)

Slackline Festivals and Events

Slackline Festivals Directory
Slackline Actions Europe Calender

Slackline Locations

Spots Switzerland
Spots Highline FR/CH/SP/BE
Spots Waterline FR/CH/SP/BE
SlackMap SlackMap
Slackline Corner
Highline and Longline Spots

Slackline Records

Slackline Record Database

Slackliner Databases

Balance Community – Slackliner Database
Slackliner Database (France)
Slackliner Database,, requires free login

Various Resources

Hivefly Slackline Resource
Lifehack – Slacklining
Slackline Tools – Beginners guide
Slackline Express Tips
Wikihow – Slacklining