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The APG Slackline Science Prize 2019


The APG Slackline Science Prize 2019 by ISA We are happy to announce the first International APG Slackline Science Prize by the ISA for next year. We will award prizes up to 300 Euros for the best scientific works about and related to slacklining. If you know of or are working on science related to slacklining stay tuned for more information on this Prize in the beginning of 2019.

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Highline FundRACE


24.-26.05.2018 Highline FundRACE At the Highline FundRACE 12 world-class athletes walked as many meters as possible to collect money for a good cause! Five people increased the one day highline-endurance world record from 4900 to 8000m, this is a shared record by: Samuel Volery, CH Alexander Schulz, DE Joshua Leupolz, DE Quirin Herterich, DE Lukas Irmler, DE Two people increased the 3 day world record from 9300 to 21200m (this equals a half marathon): Samuel Volery, CH and Joshua Leupolz, DE Alexander Schulz, DE walked 20000m in three days The best slackliners therefore walked these difficult highlines 212 times [...]

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