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Accident Reports:

Coming soon. Please submit reports of any injury, near injury, gear failure, or other mishap. We are collecting this data to provide resources and data for the community.

Accident Warnings:

Highline Injury Report – Catch and Leashfall Incidents (Jan 2016)
(Available in English)

Eardrum puncture risk while waterlining (Oct 2015)
(Available in English, German, French, Dutch)


Highline Safety – Buddy Check Advisory (June 2016)
(Available in English)

Gear and Safety Warnings

Midlines – low highlines (Nov 2015)
(Available in English, German, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Bosnian)

Webbing slippage in low-tension highlines (Nov 2015)
(Available in English)


More safety information can be found in our publications and fliers.