Project Description

Panos is a physicist with a PhD in meteorology. He picked up slacklining at the foot of Mont Blanc while recovering from a big climb. Back in Greece, in 2010, there was hardly anyone who had walked on a piece of webbing. After moving to Bologna, Italy he found himself in the same situation – loneliness at the park and nobody to learn from. With the very few friends who were slacklining at the time, Panos managed to tension and walk progressively longer lines, though he never made friends with highlining, perhaps because as a free-solo climber he felt too weird about falling. Nevertheless, he has been an eager highline rigger. His contribution to the sport, if any, comes from his scientific work on slackline dynamics, experimentation on the viscoelastic behavior of slackline webbings and a set of advanced slackline calculators that has made available to the community @