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Project Description

Norman started slacklining in 2016 and has been highlining since 2017. Besides slacklining itself he loves the spirit of the community. Therefore, he had a vital role in developing the association of Slackliner Halle e.V. and is a member of its board. In this capacity he was successfully leading the formal negotiations about the legal use of Aktienbruch Löbejün, a sports climbing spot and a quarry area in industrial use, near Halle / Saale. In addition to many other IT solutions for Slackliner Halle e.V., he found a way to make this spot in Löbejün available to the highline community, in a managed way.

Norman has been working many years as a rope access technician and is now sharing his knowledge about equipment & work-at-height-safety with the slackline community. He offers workshops for rescue from highlines, for example as a part of the Highline Rescue Training in Berlin, 2017.

Currently, Norman is focusing on working with people. This includes mental coaching and physical education related to slacklining and other activities. Examples of that are workshops for slacklining and AcroYoga in Cologne, Germany. To Norman slacklining is always a process of learning about life and nature, about his own and the natural environment. Therefore he is interested in keeping the connection between slacklining and the countryside, also within the cities. And so he also has topics on his mind such as the conservation and protection of trees.