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Project Description

Safety Commission – Research Director

“Slacklining has a propensity for having one of the best risk to reward ratios of any activity I’m aware of existing. I feel compelled to protect and improve this ratio.”

Slackline is the conduit through which Jediah Doohan sees the world. Over the last 6 years he has explored the world of slacklining and its possibilities and, in the process of doing so, broken multiple world records. Concurrently he has made sharing his love of the sport with others a meaningful part of his life.

Having travelled around Europe, on and off for the last 4 years, meeting and training with some of the best longliners and highliners in the world, Jediah continues to work on improving his balancing finesse as well as his understanding of the underlying theory of the sport.

Jediah is extremely excited to be a member of the Safety Commission and to be taking part in understanding and overcoming safety related issues that the community faces.

Contact Info

International Slackline Association
Unterer Aareggweg 3D
3004 Bern, Switzerland



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