Bolting and Highlining in Norway

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Norway, Kjeragbolten

Norway, Kjeragbolten

Norway provides some of the most picturesque landscapes for highlining, and as such, has become a bucket list item for many among the highline community. A recent highlining expedition to Norway, however, has reported stumbling against the local bolting ethic. To provide clarity to the community, we are passing on information from a Norwegian climbing association. These ethics should be adopted for highlining in the country.

  1. In general, bolts should not be placed in the mountains but only on sport climbing cliffs
  2. Bolts should not be placed on lines which are possible to climb with natural protection
  3. The local climbing club and community should be consulted before placing bolts
  4. Bolting must not be done without the consent of the land owner

Previously established bolts for highlining at Kjerag may be allowed to remain for the time being. Please respect the local ethic, in Norway or in any land, and do not place bolts without permission from the local authorities and/or communities. Failure to do so can hinder highline access for the entire community.

More information on Norway bolting policy